ReProcess Tas Recycling Construction and Industrial Waste in Tasmania

Turning Landfill into Landscapes

According to the Tasmanian EPA, over 250,000 tonnes of Industrial and Construction waste was sent to landfill in the 2018-19 financial year. During that same period, construction jobs around the state used unmeasured levels of naturally-obtained resources for foundations, concreting, road base and other purposes.

At ReProcess Tas, we believe that there is a better, more sustainable path for the construction industry. We have established our purpose-built waste reprocessing facility, which, when fully operational will allow us to reduce our contribution to landfill by as much as 95%.

Not only this, but by reprocessing your construction waste on this site, we are able to provide construction jobs with a variety of materials, including loam, bedding sand, road base and more.

In fact, for the ultimate sustainability project, we can take the waste from your demolition or construction preparation, reprocess it at our site, and then return to you for a new purpose!