Sustainable Construction Products

At ReProcess Tas, we have built a facility that is able to provide you with a number of construction and landscaping materials that have been sustainably sourced. Taking Construction and Demolition waste from around Tasmania and reprocessing it into materials that you can use for your own projects, leading to a reduction in landfill from C&D waste, and a reduction in raw materials drawn from quarries, shorelines, and natural resources.

Our list of products includes:

Recycled 1mm Fine Sand in Hobart Tasmania

Fine Sand

Recycled 2mm Sand in Hobart Tasmania

2mm Sand

Recycled 7mm Aggregate in Hobart Tasmania

7mm Aggregate

Recycled 12mm Aggregate in Hobart Tasmania

12mm Aggregate

Recycled 20mm Aggregate in Hobart Tasmania

20mm Aggregate

We can also provide:

20mm FCR | 40mm Subbase | 65mm Processed Concrete | Screened Loam

Do you have a specific requirement? We can provide customised products! Contact Us to discuss your needs.

At ReProcess Tas we have invested a significant amount of time developing and evaluating our processes to ensure that we provide you with a sustainable construction product that is as good or better than what you would get from virgin materials. Our products are tested monthly at laboratories both in Tasmania and interstate for compliance to AS1289. Our products are tested for size, compaction, acidity, soluble salts, and organic matter, and have been verified as meeting VicRoads and TasNetworks standards.

By sourcing your products from ReProcess Tas, you can be confident that your project is maintaining a minimised environmental impact without sacrificing quality or regulatory requirements.

From Wall to Garden

ReProcess Tas has the equipment to provide a range of reprocessed and recycled construction waste materials back into new life.

During the demolition stage of upgrading Hobart’s Theatre Royel precinct into the construction of the University of Tasmania’s brand new, state-of-the-art The Hedberg building, ReProcess Tas received red brick material removed during demolition. After processing and screening the product to separate fines, a 30mm+ aggregate was produced that has been returned to the site for use in decorative landscaping.

This is just one example of how ReProcess Tas is leading the way in sustainable construction material management in Tasmania!

ReProcess Tas Sustainable Construction Products Tasmania
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